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You most probably know two main characters in Star Trek. Mr Spock and Captain Kirk.


Mr Spock is the rational decision maker and calculated risk taker. He always relies on data, makes statistical analysis and takes probabilty into account when making decisions.


Captain Kirk is, on the contrary, intuitive/emotional decision maker and rule breaker. He always goes against the odds. He is biased in most cases as well.


Interestingly, whatever the case, however the probability of success; somehow, Captain Kirk wins at the end.


So who is who ? Who is human and who is AI ?


Anyway, Star Trek is fictional story, and Captain Kirk & Mr Spock are plastic characters.


On the other hand, people always prefer Captain Kirks to Mr Spocks in real life situations. They usually follow leaders like Captain Kirk, not like Mr Spock.


Competition between human and AI will be in that context most probably.






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