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For those who can think critically, higher level decision makers in the hierarchy are managers and directors. For others, leaders.


An utopia without leaders but directors who are elected and/or controlled by people with critical thinking abilities, human kind will not face tragedies like we faced in human history. That are mostly originated from unconditional approval/support of the masses to their leaders. The masses who are not capable of thinking critically and manipulated by leadership.


Idea is not elligible to politics only. It is also valid for the corporate leadership.


Problems arise, where lower level group members take actions with the lead of higher levels or approve their decisions, by reasoning other than objective knowledge.


By the way, popular definition of leadership is the ability to make people move without reason.


Carisma, aura, metaphysics, personal relations or whatsoever makes you move other than epistemic reasoning will have high tendency to mislead.


Anyway, it is the utopia. Only 20 % of the population has capacity to think critically and only 10 % of them has motivation to acquire that ability.


On the other hand, we have had enough of exaggeration and overvaluation of leadership. It is one of the main tools of exploitation of human kind for ages.


We need collective thinking and responsible decision makers, not individual influencers.





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